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Italian Virtues | 13 April 2023

Italian virtues 13.04.2023 Almaty, Kazakhstan Italian Virtues – what a day! What a luxury event! We were so happy to meet old and news partners and to announce all the best trends in the Italian luxury hospitality! Special thanks to our big supporters Rocco Forte Hotels, Royal Hotel Sanremo, Fidenza Village, Forte Village and Palazzo Fiuggi and a big thanks…

"ITALIAN VIRTUES" Yerevan 2023
Italian Virtues | 6 April 2023
“ITALIAN VIRTUES” Yerevan 2023

italian virtues 06.04.2023 Yerevan, Armenia Italian Virtues is our luxury event dedicated to Italy in order to promote our bel Paese around the world. We want to thank our hotel-partners: Royal Hotel Sanremo, Forte Village, Palazzo Fiuggi for the big support, and our main partner Festa Tour or the great organization. To all our beloved agents and friends who came…

"ITALIAN VIRTUES" Yerevan (Armenia)
Italian Virtues | 15 June 2022
“ITALIAN VIRTUES” Yerevan (Armenia)

italian virtues 15.06.2022 Yerevan, Armenia “Italian Virtues” in Yerevan was a great success and we are so happy to welcome the new flight to Venezia arriving from Yerevan this summer! We are really greatful to our main partners for the support in this adventure. A big thanks for the best organization to our beloved partner and client “Festatour” who made…

"ITALIAN VIRTUES" Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Italian Virtues | 19 May 2022
“ITALIAN VIRTUES” Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Italian virtues 19.05.2022Almaty, Kazakhstan It was an amazing event with amazing partners and friends. We want to thank “Travel Connections Union” for the perfect organization. We are happy we shared this event with our supporters Forte Village Resort & Palazzo Fiuggi & Due Torri Hotels. But our biggest thanks goes to all our beloved agents and friends who took part…